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The Tennessee Deer Registry

You Ought to Have That One Scored!

Those antlers are impressive but are they a record?

How do you know where your trophy deer ranks?

We have all seen them. You know, a deer with a set of antlers that makes us go “Wow!” But just how good of a set of antlers does he have, and how does it measure up against other deer across the state? We know when the antlers look impressive to us, but it is hard to compare one set of antlers to another just by looks.

Well now you can see just how well your deer stacks up!
The interactive “Tennessee Deer Registry”

The Tennessee Registry is an ongoing database of some of our best scoring deer of all time. With our new interactive system, you can now see how your deer matches up with other deer in your county, or with your choice or weapon, or even how it ranks on the all-time statewide records list. Need help finding an official scorer? No problem… find contact information for scorers near you. Need help getting a rough score on your latest kill? No problem… simply use our do-it-yourself scoresheet to get a rough estimate. Want to see pictures or read stories about some of our best harvested deer in Tennessee? No problem…our website is designed so registry entrants can now share their stories with the rest of the world.

Come on in…Explore…and see how your deer matches up… …and no matter how your deer rates…its still a Tennessee Trophy!  

Some deer don't make the Registry but it is still a real trophy in someones eyes.